by Zachary Jay, Writer Staff
September 13, 2022 12:38 AM

Mon, September 12, 2022

A construction worker was killed when a piece of machinery fell on him.

Workers who were in the beginning stages of the 14-story project on Java St. near West St. in Greenpoint, used an excavator to move pipes. A Department of Buildings spokesman said this was only the beginning stages of the construction.

The victim was securing materials to the excavator when a large piece of the arm weighing at least a ton broke and fell on top of him.

The victim was crushed to death by the falling equipment at a Brooklyn construction site.

A construction site was issued a stop work order following an accident in which a worker died. The Buildings Department, OSHA, and police are looking into the situation to find out what happened and if negligence by supervisors at the site might have been a factor.

“The Buildings Department will continue to protect New Yorkers with all measures possible, including those who are in construction.”

Six construction-related incidents have occurred in the city, with only one incident this year resulting in death- four incidents resulted in death last year.

Construction related injuries have declined by 33% since 2018

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