Industrial water turbines are a central piece of machinery used in many industrial and commercial settings. They are responsible for generating large amounts of power through the use of water flowing through a turbine blade. However, these turbines can also be dangerous if not properly operated and maintained. Injuries stemming from the improper operation or maintenance of industrial water turbines are common, and often result in serious health complications.

Industrial water turbines generate electricity from flowing water. The spinning blades create a flow of air, which in turn creates a rotating motion and produces electricity.

The average lifespan of an industrial water turbine is around fifteen years. However, turbines can last much longer if they are maintained and repaired properly.

When turbines are first installed, they are often tested using a dummy object called a “load test”. This test simulates the loads that the turbine will experience during operation.

During operation, turbines can experience a variety of different loads, including wind speeds, water pressures, and machine vibrations. All of these factors can cause the blades to become misaligned or damaged.

Common and Serious Injuries

-blade failures

-blades hitting objects or people

-vibration injuries

-falling objects

-fired objects (from the combustion process)

One of the most serious types of injuries associated with industrial water turbines is laceration. This type of injury occurs when the blades of the turbine slice through someone’s skin. Lacerations can lead to serious blood loss and even death if not treated quickly.  Another serious type of injury associated with industrial water turbines is rotational impalement. Rotational impalement occurs when the turbine blades embed themselves into someone’s body, typically causing devastating internal injuries.

Accident Prevention

To avoid these types of injuries, it is important to take proper safety precautions when operating an industrial water turbine. For example, always wear protective clothing, including safety goggles and a helmet. Additionally, make sure to keep the machine well maintained by regularly checking for signs of strain or damage. If any is found, immediately take corrective action to avoid further injury.

It is important to be aware of the hazards associated with these machines and to take appropriate safety precautions when working with them. Here are some recommendations for keeping yourself safe while working with industrial water turbines:

Stay away from the blades – If you get too close to the blades, they can quickly spin around and injure you. Keep your distance at all costs.

Watch out for moving parts – Many of the moving parts on these machines are extremely sensitive and can easily break if not properly maintained. Be extra vigilant when working around them, and always use caution when adjusting or servicing them.

Be aware of your surroundings – Always keep an eye out for potential hazards in your surrounding environment. If something goes wrong, be ready to respond quickly by getting away from the machine as quickly as possible.