The industrial underground scraper loader is a versatile machine that is used to remove debris and rocks from mines, excavations, and other underground areas. It is also used to clear snow and ice from roads. The machine has a capacity of up to 6 tons and can travel at a speed of up to 25 mph. It has a hydraulic arm that is able to reach objects that are up to 18 inches in diameter.

Injuries sustained by scraper & loader operators are common, and can include serious injuries such as spinal cord damage. Scraper loader accidents can also result in amputation, loss of leg or arm, and paralysis.

One of the most common causes of scraper or loader accidents is improper machine operation. Improper machine operation can include not following safety procedures, using the machine while impaired by alcohol or drugs, or not following manufacturer instructions. Other causes of scraper & loader accidents include defective machinery, falls from height, collisions with objects, and getting caught between the scraper blade and the ground.

If you have been injured in a scraper/loader accident, you may have a legal claim against the responsible party. You should contact an experienced injury lawyer to discuss your options.