Industrial threading machines are used in a variety of different industries to produce various products. They are used to create screws, bolts, and other fasteners. They can also be used to make gears, bearings, and other parts for industrial equipment. The machine is typically operated by a robot so that the operator does not have to handle the parts themselves.

1. Injuries to the hand that are caused by threading machines include hand amputations, nerve damage, and tendon injuries.
2. The most common type of injury is a tendon injury, which can occur when the machine jerks the worker’s arm suddenly or repeatedly.
3. Nerve damage can result from repeated motions or sudden movements of the arm.
4. Hand amputations can occur if the machine cuts through the skin or muscle on the hands.

If you have been injured by a machine tool, contact an attorney.  An attorney can help you get the relief you need and make sure that the company that made the machine tool is held responsible for your injuries.