Industrial stationary stone pulverizers are used to break down large rocks into smaller pieces. They are a common sight in construction sites, mines, and other industrial settings. These pulverizers use a variety of methods to break the rocks down. The most common method is called impact pulverization. This involves hitting the rock with a steel hammer or an electric motor. This causes the rock to break into small pieces that can be easily transported and processed.

Stone pulverizers, also called stationary stone crushers or jaw crushers are used to reduce large rocks into smaller ones by breaking them down into smaller pieces with a rotating wheel and a metal bar. The most common type of injury from these machines is the amputation of limbs.

Stone pulverizers can cause injuries when they are not operated correctly. For example, if the wheel is not rotated fast enough, the rock will not be broken down into smaller pieces and can fly off the machine, potentially hitting someone in the face or body. Injuries from pulverizers can range from minor cuts and bruises to full-blown amputations.

In order to avoid injuries from stone pulverizers, it is important for employees to know how to use the machine safely and know what potential hazards exist. Additionally, employers should ensure that all machines are properly maintained and inspected regularly.

If you have been injured by a stationary stone pulverizer, you should contact an attorney. This type of machine is capable of causing serious injuries. The operator of the machine may not have the necessary knowledge or training to operate it safely. If you are injured by this type of machine, you may be entitled to compensation.