Sprinkler systems are commonly used in industrial settings for a variety of purposes, including safety and firefighting. However, when used improperly or without proper maintenance, sprinkler systems can cause injuries. Here are some tips to help keep your workers safe when using sprinklers:

-Ensure that all sprinklers are properly installed and operating according to manufacturer guidelines.
-Make sure all valves are closed and locked after each use.
-Check the hoses and fittings for wear and tear, and replace them as necessary.
-Keep the area around the sprinklers clean and clear of objects that could become entangled in the system.

Since industrial sprinkler systems are becoming more common in factories and workplaces around the world, they are a great way to help prevent injuries from happening. However, if they are not installed and operated correctly they could be the responsible for injuries that were preventable.  If you were injured by an industrial sprinkler system malfunction, make sure to speak to a lawyer as soon as possible. They will be able to help you get the compensation you deserve.