According to the Spokane Regional Health District, in 2013 there were a total of 10 accidents involving machinery. This is a decrease from the 12 accidents in 2012. Nine of the 10 accidents resulted in injuries, with two people sustaining fatalities.

The most common type of accident was when operators were engaged in maintenance or repair activities on the machinery and did not have proper training or equipment. Other common causes of accidents include operators being distracted by other activities or failing to properly use safety devices.

To help reduce the risk of accidents, the district offers several safety programs, including safety orientation for new employees, safe equipment maintenance and operator training.

Manufacturing Companies

There are many different types of manufacturing companies located in Spokane Washington. Some of the most common industries that manufacture products in Spokane are agriculture, automotive, chemicals, electronics, food processing and paper products.

Clearwater Paper Corporation
Avista Corporation
CPM Development Corporation
Key Tronic Corporation
Pyrotek Incorporated
Honeywell Electronic Materials, Inc.
Central Pre-Mix Concrete Co
Jubilant Hollisterstier LLC
Kaspien Inc
Alliance Machine Systems International LLC
Interstate Concrete and Asphalt Company
Cowles Publishing Company
International Aerospace Coatings, Inc.
Wagstaff, Inc.

Machinery Accidents

Spokane machinery accidents can result in serious injuries, fatalities, and economic losses. In some cases, the machines involved were poorly maintained or operated in an unsafe way. Regardless of the cause, anyone who is injured as a result of a Spokane machinery accident should seek legal help as soon as possible by contacting a lawyer.