Speed changers are used in a variety of industrial settings to change the speed of rotating or traveling machinery such as a fan or a motor. The machines can include turbines, pumps, and rotating equipment used in metalworking and other manufacturing processes. Speed changers are one of the most dangerous power transmission equipment. The speed changer is a metal box that sits on the output shaft of the motor/fan and has two rotating discs that rotate at different speeds. When the discs meet, they stop and change the speed of the fan or motor.

Unfortunately, this equipment can also be dangerous, and injuries caused by it are not uncommon. Injuries can occur when there is sudden acceleration or deceleration of the machinery.

The most common type of injury is a back injury, which occurs when the worker’s back is forced into an awkward position. Other injuries that can occur include wrist and shoulder injuries, as well as strains and sprains. Workers who are injured while working with speed changers should see a doctor immediately to assess their injury and determine the best course of treatment.

Because of the high speed and torque involved, speed changers can also cause more serious injuries.

According to OSHA, there were 191 injuries related to speed changers between 1998 and 2007. Of those injuries, 31 were classified as serious (i.e., requiring hospitalization). Speed changers accounted for 23 percent of all power transmission equipment injuries during that period.

If you have been injured by a speed changer , contact an attorney. Speed changers can cause serious injuries, and you may be entitled to compensation. An attorney can help you determine whether you have a legal case and guide you through the legal process.