The industrial agricultural silo filler machine is a highly sophisticated piece of equipment that is used to fill large agricultural silos with grains. The machine is comprised of a number of individual parts that work together to efficiently fill the silo. The main component of the machine is the auger, which is responsible for moving the grains into the silo. Other key components include the hopper, which holds the grains before they are fed into the auger, and the discharge arm, which dispenses the grains into the silo.

One of the most serious types of agricultural silo filler machine accidents is when the filler tube breaks. This can cause a large amount of silage to be discharged rapidly, posing a serious threat to both workers and bystanders. Injuries caused by this type of accident can include head injuries from flying debris, as well as cuts and lacerations from sharp objects that are ejected from the machine.

Other accident types for agricultural silo fillers machines can include:

-Collision with object
-Personnel fall
-Operator error
-Stranded operator
-Equipment failure

Each of these types of accidents can have serious consequences for the operator and those around them. Understanding the different types of agricultural silo filler machine accidents can help avert potential disasters before they happen.


If you have been injured by an silo fillers, you should contact an attorney. An attorney can help you understand your legal rights and navigate the system to get the compensation you deserve.