Industrial sheller machines are used to shear large pieces of meat like beef, pork, and chicken. They are also used to cut vegetables, fruits, and other food items into small pieces. The shearing process is done by moving the meat or vegetable around a circular blade called a shear blade. This blade cuts through the meat or vegetable quickly and evenly.

Industrial sheller machines can cause a variety of injuries. They are often very dangerous, and require a lot of training and safety precautions to operate safely. One common type of injury is eye injuries. These can occur when the sheller machine jerks suddenly, throwing the operator off balance and into the blades. This can quickly result in a serious injury to the eye. Other common injuries include cuts from the blades, burns from hot oil or other liquid substances, and falls from high positions. Injuries can also occur when the machine malfunctions, sending out large chunks of debris. When the sheller is operating, it can create a lot of pressure and force on the worker. If an object comes into contact with the machine it can be forced into a nearby worker causing substantial injury.

If you have been injured by a sheller, contact an attorney. The law can provide you with compensation for your injuries.