Industrial uses for sandpaper machines range from the traditional use of sandpaper as a tool to smooth surfaces, to the increased demand for sandpaper for machine tools and other industrial applications. Sandpaper machine injuries can occur when the user is not properly protected from the moving parts of the machine.

Sandpaper machines are used in a variety of industrial applications, including:

-Sanding wood surfaces
-Smoothing metal surfaces
-Removing paint and other materials from surfaces
-Polishing metals and other materials
-Removing defects from concrete and other building materials
-Manufacturing paper products
-Printing patterns on fabric

Industrial sandpaper manufacturing machines can cause a variety of injuries. The most common type of injury is skin injuries. This is because the sandpaper can cause cuts on the skin. Other types of injuries that industrial sandpaper manufacturing machines can cause include eye injuries, head injuries, and amputations.

Some examples of injuries include:

In 1997, two workers were injured when a sandpaper manufacturing machine flipped over on them. The machine was in use at a paper product company in California.
In 2002, a worker was killed when a sandpaper machine he was operating overturned. The machine was at a printing company in Massachusetts.
In 2007, two workers were injured when a sandpaper-cutting machine they were operating tipped over and dragged them across the floor. The machine was at a plastics manufacturer in Pennsylvania.
In 2009, two workers were injured when a sandpaper-manufacturing machine they were using tipped over and cut their hands and arms. The machine was at a metal fabricator in Michigan.

These are just a few of the serious injuries that can occur when working with sandpaper machines. If you are ever injured while using one of these machines, make sure to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

If you have suffered serious injuries or if the machine was used in a way that was not intended, then an attorney may be able to help you pursue legal action.