Industrial reamers are used in many different industries to make items with precise shapes. They are also used to create holes in various materials. The machines use a series of cylindrical dies to create the desired shape. The dies are filled with a material and then the machine uses a rotating drum to press the material against the die. This process creates the hole in the desired shape.

The reaming machine is a popular tool in the metalworking industry since it is often used to remove burrs and other material from parts. However, it can also cause injury if not used properly.

There are several types of reaming machine injuries that can occur including fractures and lacerations.  The most common type of injury is a hand injury. Injuries are mostly caused when the machine hits an obstacle, when the operator does not wear safety equipment, or when the part being reamed is too hard to cut through.

If you have been injured by a reaming machine, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact an attorney today to discuss your case.