Industrial railway track equipment is used to transport materials and products by train. The equipment includes tracks, switches, signals, and other elements. The track helps to move the cargo in a smooth and efficient manner. It is essential for industries such as logging, mining, manufacturing, and transportation.

Railroad track accidents can happen for a number of reasons, but they typically fall into one of two categories: mechanical failures and human error. Mechanical failures can be caused by poorly maintained equipment, while human error can be the result of incorrect judgement or careless actions.

Each year, railroad accidents cause more than 100 fatalities and over $1 billion in economic losses. Here are three types of railroad accidents that are particularly dangerous:

Sliding Collision: When two trains run into each other head-on, this is often the result of one driver mistaking the signal and crossing the tracks too soon.

Derailment: When a train falls off the tracks and gets stuck, it can cause an entire section to shut down.

Object and Person Collisions: Somebody jumping out in front of a train and running away without warning is an old crime that’s still happening today. Trains can also collide with objects along the way, like utility poles or bridges, leading to this type of accident.

If you have been injured by railway track equipment, contact an attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can help you negotiate a settlement with the railroad company or file a lawsuit if necessary. An attorney can also help you understand your rights and what to do if the railroad company does not comply with your demands.