Industrial pointing chamfering and burring machines are used in a wide variety of industries, such as metalworking, engineering, and plastics. These machines are used to create intricate shapes out of metal or other materials. They are also used to create sharp edges on objects. There are many different types of industrial pointing chamfering and burring machines available on the market. Some of the most popular ones include ballpoint chamfering and wire EDM machines.

The most common type of injury associated with pointing chamfering and burring machines is hand injuries. Chamfering machines cut off the tips of metal pieces that are then welded together, while burring machines create a depth of metal by pressing metal against metal. Both of these operations can lead to hand injuries if the machine is not operated correctly. Other types of injuries that occur with these machines include back and neck pain, vibration sickness, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Burring machines injuries can occur in a variety of ways. Since burring is a relatively new manufacturing process, workers are at an increased risk for injury. Some common types of burring machine injuries include:

-Burns: Burring machines produce hot air that can cause burns if it comes in contact with the skin. The heat from the air can also cause a burn if it enters the eye.

-Abrasions: Burring machines often create small abrasions on the skin when they run. If this happens repeatedly, it can lead to skin tears and even more serious injury.

-Injuries from falls: If burring machines are high up off the ground, they can be dangerous if they fall onto someone from a great height. This type of accident is especially common in factories where there is a lot of movement and potential for falls.

Injuries from any type of machinery can result in long term disability however if you have been injured by a pointing chamfering or burring machine, you should contact an attorney.