Disc moldboard chisel plows are used to turn over the soil in industrial agricultural settings. They are also known as moldboard plows, disc harrow plows, and furrow plows. These tools are usually used to till or smooth out the soil. They are powered by a motor and have a number of different blades that help turn over the soil.

When a farmworker is using a mouldboard chisel plow, they are at risk for injury if the machine fails. Moldboard chisel plows are large machines that use metal discs to turn the soil. If the machine becomes stuck in the soil or if the discs become detached from the plow, it can lead to serious injury. There are several types of agricultural disc moldboard chisel plow accidents that can occur, and each can result in different injuries.

One common type of accident is when the machine gets stuck in the ground. If this happens, the worker may be unable to free it and may be injured if they try.

In another type of accident, the discs can become detached from the plow. This can cause the machine to pull away from the ground, which can also lead to injury.

Finally, if part of the machine breaks, it can cause debris to fly into the air, which can also injure workers.

If you are injured in an agricultural disc mouldboard chisel plow accident, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. You may also want to speak with an attorney about your legal rights.