Picklers and pickling lines are two essential pieces of equipment used in the pickling process. A pickler is a machine that helps to break down food into smaller pieces, while a pickling line picks up these smaller pieces and transports them to the pickling tank. Picklers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but all of them work essentially the same way. They have a series of rotating drums with small holes in them. The food being pickled is placed inside one of the drums, and then the drums are closed off. The acids from the pickling solution slowly work their way through the food, breaking it down into smaller and smaller pieces. The advantages of using a pickler over traditional methods of preserving food are numerous.

Industrial pickling lines are notoriously dangerous, with workers frequently getting injured. Injuries can involve slips and falls, getting caught in machinery, electrical shocks, and more. Accidents can also occur when chemicals or other liquids are spilled, when equipment fails, or when workers are struck by objects. Injured workers may require medical attention, and if the accident causes serious injury or death, the worker may have grounds to sue their employer.

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