Painters, plumbers, and other tradespeople often use paint sprayers to apply paints, sealants, and other coatings to various surfaces. While the machines are generally safe when used correctly, they can still cause injuries if not used correctly.

Paint sprayers come in a variety of sizes and models, but all share a few common features. The gun nozzle is typically held in place by a handle or trigger, which must be pulled back to fire the fluid. When the trigger is released, the nozzle opens up and sprays the paint or other substance out in a wide stream.

Most paint sprayers operate on compressed air or some type of propellant. This air is forced into the gun nozzle at high pressure, causing it to fire. If the gun is not operated correctly, this high pressure can cause the nozzle to rupture. Injuries that can occur as a result of a ruptured paint sprayer nozzle include burns from the hot liquid being sprayed, cuts from flying debris, and serious eye injuries from flying particles.

The most common type of paint sprayer injury is a finger injury. When the sprayer is held too close to the object being sprayed, the high-pressure stream of paint can cause cuts and lacerations on the fingers.  Other types of paint sprayer injuries include shoulder injuries from being thrown to the ground while using the tool, and back injuries from falling off of a ladder while painting.

If you have been injured by a paint sprayer, contact an experienced attorney immediately.