Industrial packup assemblies are used to overhaul wheels. They can be used on a variety of wheel sizes and types, including passenger car wheels, truck wheels, and even railroad wheels. The assembly consists of a frame, an axle, and a wheel. The frame supports the axle and wheel, and the axle is used to rotate the wheel. The assembly is placed over the wheel and the frame is attached to the wheel. The axle is then rotated, which causes the wheel to turn.  Other parts used in the assembly include: rims, tires, bearings, and hubcaps.

A type of packup assembly known as wheel overhauls, can be extremely dangerous. These assemblies involve removing and replacing the wheel of a large vehicle, such as a tractor-trailer. If not done correctly, the wheel can fall on the workers below, causing serious injuries. In fact, OSHA reports that there are approximately 100 injuries and 5 deaths each year from wheel overhauls gone wrong. That’s why it’s so important to follow safety procedures when performing this type of work. Make sure to use proper lifting equipment and always have at least two people working on the assembly.

If you have been injured by wheel overhaul packup assemblies, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your legal options.