Industrial oil and gas field machinery and equipment is used to extract oil and gas from the ground. This type of equipment is often very large and heavy, making it difficult to move. It can also be dangerous if it malfunctions. The best way to protect yourself while working in an industrial oil and gas field is to use protective gear. This will help to reduce the likelihood of injury.

There are always risks associated with working in an oil and gas field, but many workers don’t realize the dangers they’re taking when they climb into a heavy drilling rig or walk across an active oil field area. Injuries can occur from equipment malfunctions, falls, and contact with hazardous materials. Here are three examples of oil and gas field machinery accidents that left workers injured:

In 2010, a worker died after he was crushed by an oilrig in the Gulf of Mexico. The man was climbing up the rig to fix a light when he was killed. The rig was traveling at 30 mph when the accident happened.

In 2008, two workers were killed when an overhead crane collapsed while they were working on a drilling rig in Oklahoma. The men were repairing pipelines when the crane fell on them.

In 2006, two workers were killed when they were marched back to work after being treated for injuries sustained in an earlier accident. They were walking across a tar roof near a well site when their shoe caught on the tar and they fell 20 feet to their death.

If you have been injured by oil and gas field machinery and equipment, you should contact an attorney. This is because oil and gas field accidents often result in serious injuries, including lost limbs, paralysis, and even death. An experienced attorney can help you seek compensation for your injuries.