Industrial mud jacks are devices used in the construction and mining industries to lift and stabilize cement surfaces or other objects. They are also known as slurry jacks, scissor jacks, or simply mud pumps. The name comes from the fact that the device uses a rotating drum to pump water, sand, or other material up and out of the well. The drum is filled with a mixture of mud, rocks, and debris. The object that needs to be lifted has the mixture lowered into area until the pressure on the object causes it to rise above the level of the liquid.

Mud jacks can be one of the most dangerous machines in a construction project. There are several accident types that can occur when using a mud jack such as:

Injuries from the machine: Mud jacks can cause injuries if they hit someone or other machinery. The machine can be very fast and unpredictable so injuries can occur if the machine is not securely fastened to the ground, or if the operator is not properly trained in its use.

Falls: Workers may fall while using the machine, trip on objects in the mud, or slip on wet surfaces.

If you have been injured by the use of mud jacks, you should contact an attorney. The law is complex and your case may require specialized knowledge. An attorney can help you understand your rights and options, and can provide guidance throughout the legal process.