Industrial mortisers are woodworking machines used to remove stock (chips, sawdust, wood shavings) from the surface of the workpiece. The most common type of industrial mortiser is a chipper-shaper, which has two cutting edges that move back and forth across the piece of wood. There are two different types of industrial mortisers: manual and automatic. Manual industrial mortisers are operated by a single person, while automatic industrial mortisers are operated by a computer.

Industrial Mortisers are among the most dangerous machines in a workshop. They can cause serious injuries if not used correctly. The most common problem is that the operator doesn’t wear eye protection or a face shield. The machine also produces high-velocity dust and chips that can embed themselves in the skin and cause deep cuts. To reduce the risk of injury, it is important to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, use the appropriate safety gear, and keep the machine clean.

If you have been injured by a mortiser (woodworking machine), you should contact an attorney. Mortisers can be dangerous, and if you are injured by one, you may have legal rights that you need to protect. An attorney can help you understand your legal rights and help direct you to the resources you need to get the compensation you deserve.