One of the most common industrial uses for rotary slitters is in the production of shaped metal products. Rotary slitters are machines that cut through a piece of metal with a series of closely spaced cuts. This type of machine is often used to create complex shapes, such as pieces of metal that are cut into strips or shapes that have been roughed out by a chisel or other tool. Rotary slitters can also be used to create detailed patterns on metal surfaces.

Metalworking is a highly skilled and dangerous profession. Each year, metalworkers suffer an estimated 1.5 million injuries in the United States.

Rotary slitters are particularly hazardous because they can cause severe hand, arm, and leg injuries.  Some of the most common include lacerations, punctures, and cuts but amputations can also occur as well.

If you are injured by a rotary slitter, you may be able to pursue legal action if the injury was caused by the manufacturer’s negligence. You may also be able to pursue financial compensation for your injuries. If you have suffered an injury on a rotary slitter, please seek immediate medical attention and contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible.