Industrial jigs and fixtures are essential tools for anyone in the metalworking industry. They allow you to create precise and accurate parts without any wasted time or effort. Jigs are designed to hold parts in place while you rout, cut, and weld them together. Fixtures attach pieces of metal to your workpiece so that you can fabricate them quickly and easily.

Industrial metalworking jigs/fixtures injuries can occur when the operator is not using the equipment properly or when the equipment is not built to withstand the forces exerted on it. Fixtures can also become faulty, causing an injury. The most common types of jigs and fixtures  injuries are cuts and abrasions. Cuts can be caused by sharp objects that come into contact with the user, while abrasions are caused by particles that irritate the skin. Other common injuries include strains, sprains, and burns.

If you have been injured by metalworking equipment, contact an attorney. Metalworking equipment can be very dangerous and can cause serious injuries. An attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve.