Industrial metal finishing equipment is used to coat metal with a thin layer of another metal. This can be done for protection against corrosion, to improve wear resistance, or for aesthetic purposes. The process usually involves dipping the metal into a solution containing the desired metal, and then passing an electric current through the solution to deposit the metal onto the surface of the object.

Operators of metal finishing equipment can be seriously injured if they come into contact with the chemicals used in the process. These chemicals can cause burns, blindness, and even death if they are ingested. In order to avoid these injuries, operators must take care to wear the proper safety gear and to follow all safety procedures when handling the chemicals.

If you have been injured by metal finishing equipment for plating, you should contact an attorney. The attorney can help you recover damages for your injuries. The attorney will also investigate the accident to determine who is at fault and whether there is any liability on the part of the manufacturer or distributor of the equipment.