Industrial metal baling presses are used to compact and shape metal products. They are often used in the automotive, aerospace, and industrial industries. They have a number of different types of presses, including: die-casting, stamping, and cold Rolling. The most common press is the die-casting press, which is used to create parts such as car bumpers and spoilers. The stamping press is used to create parts that have intricate details, such as engine mounts. The cold Rolling press is used to create large pieces of metal that have been shaped by a die into a desired shape.

Industrial metal baling presses can cause a number of types of injuries. One of the most common is back injury. As the worker is raising and lowering the bale, they may lift their back too high off the ground, causing it to hyperextend or even snap. This can lead to spinal cord compression, which can cause paralysis or even death. Other injuries that can occur with industrial metal baling presses include hand and arm injuries from grasping onto the baling wire as it moves, shoulder injuries from being restrained in a fixed position, and head injuries from being crushed between the bale and the press.

If you have been injured by a metal baling press, you should contact an attorney. The press can cause severe injuries if it is not used properly. An attorney can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.