Madison Wisconsin is a city with a lot of history, and it’s also home to a lot of machinery. In fact, according to the United States Census Bureau, Madison is the fifth most populous city in Wisconsin and the twentieth most populous city in the United States. That means there’s a lot of machinery out there, and as you might expect, accidents can happen. In fact, it’s one of the cities with the highest number of machinery accidents. This is likely because there are a lot of industrial and manufacturing plants in Madison. Many of these plants use heavy machinery that can cause serious injuries if not handled properly.

Manufacturing Companies

Madison is home to a number of high-tech and manufacturing companies, including

Aj Sheet Metal LLC
Promega Corporation
Vp Holdings Corporation
Sub-Zero, Inc.
Thermo Electron Scientific Instruments LLC
Clasen Quality Chocolate, Inc.
Tomotherapy Incorporated
Bell Laboratories, Inc.
Madison-Kipp Corporation
Bou-Matic LLC
Madison One Holdings LLC
Diesel Forward, Inc.
Therma-Stor LLC
Captel, Inc.

These companies provide employment for thousands of people in Madison and surrounding counties.

Machinery Accidents

Madison Wisconsin is home to a number of different businesses and factories, which can lead to accidents involving machinery. If you have been injured in a machinery accident in Madison, WI, contact an experienced Wisconsin lawyer as soon as possible. A lawyer can help you identify all the legal options available to you and fight for the maximum compensation possible.

In recent years, there have been a number of accident reports in Madison.  The following list shows details from these reports: