Industrial land rollers and levelers are a vital part of any industrial or construction site. They are used to smooth out bumps and valleys in the ground, making it easier for equipment and workers to work. They can also be used to create level surfaces for building foundations and other structures.

Rolling and leveling land can be dangerous work, and accidents can happen. Here are some of the most common types of land roller and leveler accidents.

1. Slips and falls. This is the most common type of land roller accident, as people can easily fall while rolling or leveling the ground. Slips and falls can also occur when people step on or trip over loose objects on the ground.

2. Machine failure. If a land roller or leveler fails, it can cause people to be thrown off the machine or into the path of moving parts.

3. Contact with objects. Rolling and leveling objects can cause both large and small objects to become airborne, which can lead to injuries. This could include getting hit with rocks, logs, or other heavy objects.

4. Electrocution. Land rollers and levelers can spark when they move, which can create a dangerous electrical current. Anyone who comes into contact with this current could end up with TSS.

If you have been injured by a land roller or leveler, you should contact an attorney. These machines are can cause serious injuries and an attorney can help you file a claim and get the compensation you deserve.