Industrial knurling machines are used in the manufacturing of different products. They are often used to create grooves on objects such as metal parts, plastic parts, and even bones. They use a number of different types of knurls, which is the technical term for the ridges that are created on the object. The knurls help to secure the part in place while it is being manufactured, and they also provide a degree of comfort when the part is being used.

Knurling machines can be dangerous if not operated correctly, as they can cause injuries to workers’ hands and arms. Knurls can be sharp and can cut through skin easily. Injuries that can occur during knurling machine use include:

– Knurls cutting into the skin

– Knurls becoming embedded in the skin

– Sprains and strains from reaching for knurls

– Cuts from flying pieces of metal

If you have been injured by a knurling machine, you should contact an attorney. Knurling machines are very dangerous and can cause serious injuries. If you have lost time from work or have suffered other financial losses as a result of your injury, an attorney can help you get the compensation that you deserve.