Industrial hay mowers, rakes, loaders, and stackers are used to collect the hay from a field and bring it to a barn or storage area. They are also used to baling the hay and pressing it into bales. There are three main types of industrial hay mowers: mowing machines, rake machines, and loaders/stackers. Mowing machines are the most common type and cut the hay using blades on the front or rear of the machine. Rake machines move the hay in a circular pattern and typically have two rows of teeth on their blades. Loaders/stackers move the hay by lifting it onto large platforms and then dropping it into storage bins or onto conveyor belts that take it to the baler.

Haying machines are critical to the harvest process, but like any other piece of equipment, they can be prone to accidents. Here are some common accident types that haying machines can be involved in:

-Mower accidents: These involve the machine cutting the crop instead of mowing it, often due to operator error. This can lead to a lot of damage to the crop and may require mechanical assistance.

-Rake accidents: In these cases, the rake is not picking up the crop as it should, which can lead to it getting caught on something and breaking. This can also cause damage to the crops.

-Loader accidents: These happen when the machine tries to pick up too much weight at once and can cause it to break. This can also lead to injury to the operator.

-Baler accidents: These occur when there is a malfunction with the baler, which can lead to it jamming or even causing structural failure. This can be quite dangerous for those working nearby.

If you have been injured by a haying machine, you should contact an attorney. These machines can create a lot of damage if they are not operated correctly. An attorney can help you file a claim and get the compensation you deserve.