Grain stackers are machines used to move and store large quantities of grain. They have a number of different functions, but the most common use is to move and store cereal grains. These machines are very large and can hold up to a million bushels of grain. They use a variety of methods to move the grains, including gravity, augers, and conveyor belts.

The grain stackers are machines that are used to separate the grains from the chaff. There are a few different types of grain stackers and each has its own set of dangers. Here are the three most common types of grain stacker accidents:

1. The auger accident. In this type of accident, the auger becomes stuck in the grain and can’t be turned. This can cause the machine to overheat and eventually meltdown.

2. The Sheeter Accident. In this type of accident, the sheeter doesn’t move the grain across the screen and it falls off the machine. This can cause injuries to workers as well as damage to the machine.

3. The Beam Accident. In this type of accident, a beam becomes detached from the rest of the machine and falls onto workers or bystanders, injuring them.

If you have been injured by a grain stacker, contact an attorney. Grain stackers are dangerous machines and can cause serious injuries. If you have sustained an injury as a result of a grain stacker, contact an attorney to discuss your legal options.