Grading fruit, grain, & vegetable – cleaning/sorting machines are used to clean and sort various types of produce. These machines use a variety of technologies, such as lasers and sensors, to detect foreign objects and contaminants. The machines then remove them using various methods, such as suction or brushes. This allows the produce to be delivered to the consumer in a clean and safe condition.

The grading, sorting and cleaning of fruits, grains, and vegetables is a common operation in farms, factories, restaurants and homes. Injuries can occur when machines or operators are not properly calibrated or when the machine is overloaded or not properly maintained. The following are three types of accidents that can occur during these operations:

1. Overloading the machine. This can cause the machine to vibrate excessively and lead to damage to the equipment or injuries to the operator.

2. Incorrectly calibrating the machine. This can cause over-sorting of produce, which can lead to food safety hazards or injuries to the operator.

3. Maintaining the machine incorrectly can also lead to injury as machinery can become overloaded or fall off of a platform, injuring operators below.

If you have been injured by a grading fruit, grain, or vegetable cleaning/sorting machine, contact an attorney. These machines are dangerous and can cause serious injuries if not used properly. They can also be very costly to repair. If you have been injured, talk to an attorney about your case and what steps you should take next.