Industrial gelatin rolls are used in printing to produce high-quality prints. Gelatin is a type of protein that is used to create a flexible layer that helps the ink stick to the paper. The gelatin also makes the print resistant to water and other liquids. This is important because it allows prints to be printed on wet surfaces, such as newspapers, magazines, and posters.

However, due to the high temperatures that are used in the manufacturing process, there is a risk of injuries occurring.

One type of injury that is common with workers who use gelatin rolls is called flash burn. This occurs when the heat from the printing process causes the skin to burn. In some cases, this can lead to permanent damage to the skin.

In 2008, an employee at a printer in Minnesota was injured when he was exposed to a hot gelatin roll. The heat from the roll caused him to blister and then peel off his skin. He ended up losing over 30% of his body surface area and required extensive surgery.

In 2015, another employee at a different printer company was also injured when he was hit in the face with a hot gelatin roll. The impact caused the gelatin to ooze out of the roll and into his eyes, nose, and mouth. He required surgery to remove the substance from his airway.

If you have been injured by a gelatin roll used in printing, contact an attorney. The injury you may incur can be very serious and require the assistance of a lawyer to get the full compensation for which you are entitled.