Industrial frame straighteners are machines that are used to fix metal frames that have been bent or damaged. These machines use high-powered hydraulic jacks to apply pressure to the frame in order to straighten it out. The process is very quick and efficient, and it can often be done without having to remove the frame from the wall or structure that it is attached to.

Industrial frame straighteners are powerful machines that are used to straighten metal frames. However, if these machines are not used properly, they can cause serious injuries. Injuries from industrial frame straighteners can include lacerations, amputations, and crush injuries. Workers who use these machines need to be properly trained in how to use them safely.

If you have been injured by frame straighteners, you may be entitled to compensation. An experienced attorney can help you determine whether you have a claim and fight for the compensation you deserve. Frame straighteners are designed to straighten out bent or damaged frames, but they can sometimes cause injuries if they are not used properly. If you have been injured by a frame straightener, contact an experienced attorney today to discuss your case.