Fourdrinier machines – also known as paper manufacturing machinery – are used to produce a variety of paper products, including brochures, flyers, and even packaging materials. However, because these machines are so large and powerful, they can also cause injuries if not operated correctly.

In paper manufacturing, the industrial fourdrinier machines are the most common type of machine used. These machines are used to produce paper from wood or other plant materials. They use a series of perforated screens to separate the cellulose fibers in the plant material. This process is then repeated until the desired number of pages have been produced. One of the most common injuries that occur while working with industrial fourdrinier machines is called “screen-grabbing.” This occurs when a worker grabs onto one of the screens while it’s in motion. This can cause significant pain and damage to the hand. Injuries from industrial fourdrinier machines can also include cuts, bruises, and broken bones.  Similarly slack line injuries will usually occur when someone is trying to cross the slack line while it’s in motion and gets caught. Some of the other common injuries include cuts, abrasions, and tendonitis. Each of these injuries can be extremely painful and difficult to treat. If you have been injured by a fourdrinier machine, contact an attorney.