An industrial farm separator is a machine that separates grains and fruit from their chaff and other matter. It is a type of grain mill, which uses rotating drums, screens, or knives to liberate the separated products. The separator can be used to produce cereal, flour, malt, sorghum, rice, nuts, kernels, and other food items.

When machines are used in industrial farming, there is always a risk of injury. In the case of industrial farm separators, the machines can be extremely dangerous if not operated properly.

One of the most common types of accidents that occur on industrial farms is when grain or berry separators become entangled in the machinery. This can cause the separator to break, which can lead to injuries to workers.

Another common type of accident on these farms is when the separator belt slips or jams, causing the machine to overwork its gears. This can cause the belts to snap, sending chunks of grain and berries flying into the air. In addition, these machines can also fall off of their tracks, crushing operators beneath them.

The hammer mill & roller mill can cause accidents as well.  They use a rotating drum to force the grain through a screen. The drum can spin quickly and cause severe injuries if it collides with someone or something else. The roller mill uses large rollers to crush the grain. If someone is standing too close to the roller when it starts to turn, they could be seriously injured.

If you have been injured by a grain farm separator, contact an attorney. Farm separators are dangerous machines and can cause serious injuries if used improperly.