Industrial farms are farms that use a variety of methods to produce food. One type of industrial farm is a hay and cotton presses and balers farm. This type of farm grows hay and cotton crops. The hay is used to feed livestock and the cotton is used to make clothes, bedding, and other products. The press and baler machines work together to process the crops.

One of the most common types of industrial farm accidents is when hay or cotton presses hit people. Hay balers are particularly dangerous because they can throw objects up to 50 feet away. Cotton press accidents often involve workers being crushed under the weight of the cotton bales. Other accidents are as follows:

-Rope burns: When ropes become hot from the friction of the baling action, they can start to burn. This can result in rope burns on the hands, arms, and legs.

-Winding reel injuries: The winding reel is a device that helps to wind the cable around the pulley. If this device becomes overloaded or if it is not properly secured, it can cause serious injuries.

-Pulley slipping: If the baler’s pulley slips, it can cause severe injury to the operator. This includes cuts and bruises from flying debris.

– Hay bale entanglement: This is when hay is caught between the blades of the baler, preventing it from moving. This can lead to serious cuts and lacerations.

– Hay bale crushing: When the baler moves quickly across a hay stack, it can crush the stacks into small pieces. This can cause injuries to the hands, arms, and legs.

– Hay bale rolling: When the baler is moving slowly across a haystack, it can push the haystack around and cause it to roll. This can lead to injuries such as sprains and bruises.

If you have been injured by a hay baler / cotton press, you should contact an attorney. Your attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve.