Industrial extruding machines are used to produce a variety of objects, including plastics, wire mesh, and fiberglass. They are also used in the production of auto parts, medical equipment, and other products. The machine is composed of several rotating dies that squeeze or pull the material out through a die opening. The die opening is smaller than the material being extruded, so it creates a filament or rod. The filament is then cut to the correct length.

Extruding machines are used to create objects out of a material by pushing and pulling the material through a die. While these machines are typically very safe, they can still cause injuries if not used properly.

There are three main types of extruding machine injuries: entrapment injuries, contact injuries, and pinch injuries.

Entrapment injuries occur when the user’s body is caught in the machinery.

Contact injuries occur when the user comes into contact with the moving parts of the machine.

Pinch injuries occur when the user’s fingers are pinched between the die and the material being extruded.

If you have been injured by an extruding machine, you should contact an attorney. Machine tools are some of the most dangerous types of equipment, and if you are injured by one, you may have legal rights. An attorney can help you determine whether you have a case and whether you should file a lawsuit.