Elk Grove, California is a city located in Sacramento County, California. It has a population of over 180,000 and is the fifth largest city in California. As of 2010, Elk Grove had the tenth highest rate of machinery accidents in the US. This is likely due to its higher concentration of industrial and commercial businesses. If you are injured in an accident caused by machinery in Elk Grove, California, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact an experienced injury attorney that can help you get the money you need to rebuild your life.

Manufacturing Companies

There are many manufacturing companies located in Elk Grove (incl. Laguna) California. Some of these companies include:

Berber Food Manufacturing Inc.
Universal Custom Display
GNB Corporation
Elk Grove Milling, Inc.
Champion Installs, Inc.
Glacier Valley Ice Company LP
Pacific Modern Homes, Inc.
Hanford Ready-Mix, Inc.
Hanford Sand & Gravel, Inc.
Feist Cabinets & Woodworks, Inc.
Integrated Comfort Solutions, Inc.
Acuity Technical Solutions Inc.
Rainbow Company, LLC
Boss Time Management Systems, Inc.

These companies produce a variety of products, ranging from tools and equipment to parts and components for larger machines. Many of these companies have been in business for decades, and have a long history of producing quality products.

Machinery Accidents

There have been a number of machinery accidents in Elk Grove (incl. Laguna) California over the years. Some of these have been fatal, while others have resulted in serious injuries.  If you or a loved one has been hurt in a machinery accident in Elk Grove, contact an experienced California machinery accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Here are some of the most notable reports: