Industrial elevators are used in factories, warehouses, and other places where goods are stored or transported. They are also used for public transportation, such as buses and trains. Elevator equipment can be divided into two main categories: passenger elevators and industrial elevators. Passenger elevators are used to transport people between different floors of a building. Industrial elevators are used to transport materials and equipment between different levels of a factory.

Elevator accidents can be deadly, and can cause serious injuries. Some common elevator accidents include:

-Stairs/ramps leading up to the elevator suddenly collapsing, often due to a lack of maintenance or improper installation;

-People getting trapped in elevators between floors;

-Lift operators getting stuck between floors; -Inadequate safety procedures in place for elevators;

-Elevators being used for unauthorized purposes.

If you are injured in an elevator accident, you may have rights and options available to you. Contact an attorney immediately to discuss your case and possible legal remedies.