Electrical discharge erosion machines are used to clean metal surfaces by removing the oxidation layers. They work by generating an electric current that causes the metal to become pliable. This process is then repeated until the desired surface has been reached.

Electrical Discharge Erosion Machines (EDM) are powerful devices that can cause injuries if not used and operated properly. The most common types of injuries caused by EDMs are burns and amputations. Burns can occur when the current passes through the skin and causes third-degree or greater burns. Amputations can occur when the current travels through the body and causes a loss of limb.

If you have been injured by an electrical discharge erosion machine, you should contact an attorney. This type of machine can generate a high level of electrical current that can cause serious injury. If the current travels through your body, it can cause burns, electric shock, and even death. An attorney can help you file a claim and provide you with legal support throughout the process.