Electric Resistance Welders are a new type of welding machine that uses an electric arc to weld metal. They are often called “electric arc welders” or “welding robots”. The electric arc welders can be used for many different types of welding, including: pipe welding, structural welding, and agricultural welding. Electric resistance welders can cause injury in a variety of ways. Some common injuries include: electrical shocks, burns, and gas explosions. It is important to be aware of the dangers of electric resistance welders and to use them safely.

If you’re not careful, the welding process can produce harmful gases and sparks. Here are some welding injury types to watch for:

1. Electric Arc Burns: This is the most common welding injury, and it occurs when the electric arc touches your skin. The heat from the arc can cause a burn, which can be very painful.

2. Gas Discharge: When metal comes in contact with a high-voltage current, it can create gas discharge welds. These welds are often unsightly and difficult to remove. They can also cause electrical shock injuries.

3. Spark Out: When too much electricity flows through a wire, it can spark out and create a fire. This is particularly dangerous if you’re working with flammable materials or when there’s water nearby.

If you have been injured by an electric resistance welder, it is important to contact an attorney. An attorney can help you file a lawsuit, and can provide advice on how to best proceed with your case.