There are two main types of electric hair clippers: industrial and cordless. Industrial hair clippers are designed for use in commercial or industrial settings for animals. They are heavy duty and have a longer blade than cordless hair clippers. “Cordless” hair clippers are more portable and are perfect for haircuts and keeping small pets like cats groomed at home.

There are many different types of electric hair clippers accidents.

Here are a few examples:

1) Electric shock from using defective equipment: If you use faulty equipment, you could also be at risk for an electric shock. This type of accident happens when the equipment is not properly insulated or made from safe materials. If you are in line of fire or contact with high voltage, you could be injured by the electricity.

2) Electrical burns: Another common type of electric hair clipper accident is electrical burns. When the hair clipper is plugged in and turned on, the high voltage can cause metal parts to overheat and burn skin. This type of accident can lead to painful scars if not treated correctly.

3) Mechanical failures: In some cases, mechanical failures can happen with electric hair clippers. This means that the blade doesn’t move properly or the motor overheats. If this happens, it can cause serious injury to your hands

If you have been injured by an electric hair clipper, you should contact an attorney. This type of injury can be serious, and an attorney can help you determine your rights and protect them.