Distillation ovens are a common piece of equipment in many factories. They are used to evaporate liquids, turning them into a gas that can be used in other processes. However, like all machinery, distillation ovens can injure people. In this article, we will look at the types of injuries that can occur when working with distillation ovens, as well as the steps you can take to prevent them.

Distillation ovens are commonly used in industrial settings to evaporate substances. The oven is heated to a high temperature, and the air inside the oven becomes a gas, and this gas forms bubbles as it expands. These bubbles and liquids can cause serious burns if they escape from the oven when forced out of a narrow opening, such as a nozzle on an engine or a pipe on a distillation oven. Also, the high heat vaporizes the liquid or gas, and the vaporized materials can then be drawn into the opening by capillary action. This creates a hot spot that can cause serious burns.

Other types of injuries that can occur in distillation ovens include burns from the intense heat, electrocution from contact with high voltages, and asphyxiation from exposure to volatile fumes. It is important for workers in these environments to wear protective clothing and equipment, and to follow all safety guidelines specific to the distillation oven they are using.