In Detroit, Michigan there have been an alarming number of machinery accidents in recent years. In fact, in 2019 there were more than twice as many machinery accidents as in 2006. This has led to a lot of people asking why this is happening and what can be done to prevent it.

One reason for the increase in machinery accidents may be due to the increasing use of automated systems. These systems are often more complex and require more attention from the operators than traditional machines. This can lead to errors or mistakes that can cause accidents.

Manufacturing Companies

There are many manufacturing companies located in Detroit Michigan. Some of the largest and well-known companies include

General Motors Company
General Motors Holdings LLC
American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings, Inc.
General Motors LLC
Detroit Diesel Corporation
American Axle & Manufacturing, Inc.
GM Components Holdings, LLC
MD Investors Corporation
Metaldyne, LLC
Pressure Vessel Service, Inc.
Wolverine Packing Co.
Michigan Sugar Company
Shinola/Detroit, LLC
Bridgewater Interiors, L.L.C.

These companies all operate in the city, providing jobs for thousands of people. In addition to manufacturing, Detroit is also home to a large number of research and development firms. These companies help to improve the efficiency of manufacturing processes and make products that are safer and more sustainable.

Machinery Accidents

There have been a number of machinery accidents in Detroit Michigan, some of which have resulted in fatalities as you can see below:

If you or someone you know has been injured as a result of machinery accident in Detroit Michigan, contact an experienced Detroit machinery accident lawyer. A Detroit machinery accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve and protect your legal rights.