Industrial Derricks are used in a variety of industries to move large objects. They are made up of a metal frame that is held up by a series of cables. The object is moved by suspending it from the cables and then lowering it into the desired position. There are a number of different types of industrial derricks, each with its own unique features. Some derricks are equipped with motors that allow them to be moved quickly and easily.

Industrial Derricks can be a hazardous work environment, with the potential for injuries. Here are some of the most common types of accidents involving industrial derricks:

Fall: Approximately 60 percent of all derrick accidents involve falls. Workers can fall from heights of up to 20 stories, often onto metal decks or catwalks below.

Rope Failure: Rope failure is the leading cause of fatalities in derrick accidents. The height and weight of a worker combined with the tension on a slack rope can cause it to break.

Weather: One common accident is when the structure becomes unstable due to wind or other conditions. This can cause the derrick to fall, throwing people nearby into the air. Another common accident involves workers being caught between the structure and another object, such as a building or tree. In this case, the weight of the structure can cause serious injuries

Power line fall: If a power line is nearby, a derrick can collide with it and electrocute workers or bystanders. Each type of accident has different potential for harm, and all require careful monitoring and safety precautions to avoid injury.

Fire: A fire can also cause an industrial derrick accident. This happens when something ignites in the tower, and the fire quickly spreads to the equipment and materials inside.

Tangle: Tangle accidents happen when pieces of equipment get tangled together, often as a result of malfunctioning parts. This can lead to injuries if the equipment becomes stuck and someone has to remove it.

Collapse: Another type of industrial derrick accident is a collapse. This can happen when the tower or platform starts to collapse from natural causes (like age), or from external forces (like an earthquake).

If you have been injured by a Derrick, contact an attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can help you understand your legal rights and protect your interests.