DateCityStateEmployerBody PartEvent
2019-03-29EdinburgTexasSantana Textiles, L.L.C.Finger(s), fingernail(s)Caught in or compressed by equipment or objects
An employee was performing maintenance on a weaving machine when his right middle finger was caught in the machine, crushing/shattering the bones in his finger.
2019-02-06San MarcosTexasCotechno Group, Inc.Fingertip(s)Caught in running equipment or machinery
An employee was modifying a weaving machine to run a new type of fiberglass product. A bolt dropped before the machine's guards had been replaced; as the employee was retrieving it, his right hand was caught in the belt and pulley system and his right middle fingertip was amputated.
2017-10-16HanoverPennsylvaniaIWM International, LLCAnkle(s)Struck by object falling from vehicle or machinery-other than vehicle part
On October 16, 2017, at 2:30 p.m., an employee was operating his wire screen weaving machine when the material quality began to diminish. He went around to the press rollers and loosened the bolts holding them in the loom. The press rollers, which were unsupported by a cart at the time, then fell out of the machine and onto his right ankle, causing a traumatic displaced trimalleolar fracture.
2016-02-01West MemphisArkansasStateside Steel & Wire, LLCFingertip(s)Compressed or pinched by shifting objects or equipment
An employee was adjusting the weaving machine, which was de-energized, when his right pinky finger was caught in the sector gear. His fingertip was amputated (no bone loss).
2015-11-02NormanOklahomaSouthwest WireFinger(s), fingernail(s)Other fall to lower level
An employee was on top of a weaving machine to view a counter. The employee slipped and fell. As the employee fell, the employee's right hand contacted an unguarded chain and sprocket. The employee's right pinky finger was severely lacerated and amputated at the hospital.