DateCityStateEmployerBody PartEvent
2021-10-08AliceTxFedEx Freight, Inc.Chest, except internal location of diseases or disordersOther fall to lower level
An employee was climbing down from an 18-wheeler tractor that was jacked up on a tow truck. The employee fell off the steps to the curb, suffering broken ribs.
2021-05-19HooverAlBFI Waste Services, LLCBrainStruck by swinging part of powered vehicle
While out on assignment the employee's vehicle stopped working and needed to be towed for repair. The employee stepped out onto the foot hold on his vehicle at the same time the tow truck driver was trying to hook up the boom from the tow truck. The boom device struck the vehicle and the employee slipped from the foot hold and fell onto the street. The employee was hospitalized for a head injury.
2021-05-14CirclevilleOhFletcher's Towing SvcFinger(s), fingernail(s)Caught in running equipment or machinery during regular operation
An employee was winching a vehicle onto a rollback tow truck when their finger became caught between the winch cable and the truck bed, resulting in an injury to a tendon in their left middle finger.
2020-09-22ChicagoIlEnvoy AirLeg(s)Pedestrian struck by vehicle in nonroadway area
While pushing an aircraft out of a hanger using a tow truck, an employee was struck by the aircraft causing fractures to both legs.
2020-04-18ToledoOhioBeren Equipment Co. Ltd.Arm(s)Compressed or pinched by shifting objects or equipment
An employee was unloading a vehicle from a flatbed tow truck. The vehicle slid sideways and its frame pinned his arm against the frame of the tow truck bed. His arm was broken and he was hospitalized.
2020-03-29HermitagePennsylvaniaMiller Industries, Inc.Finger(s), fingernail(s)Struck by dislodged flying object, particle
An employee had just moved the bed of a tow truck using a winch attached to an overhead crane. As he set the bed down on a cart, the winch detached, came back up toward the employee, and struck his left hand, pinching it against the crane hook. He suffered a partial amputation of the middle finger.
2019-06-19GainesvilleFloridaElite Auto Center of Gainesville, Inc.Leg(s)Exposure through intact skin, eyes, or other exposed tissue
An employee was hooking a front end loader to his tow truck to get it out of a wash pit in a concrete plant. The employee suffered chemical burns to the legs from the 3-foot-deep water the loader was in. He was hospitalized.
2017-04-20Fort MyersFloridaAlligator Towing & Recovery, Inc.Chest, except internal location of diseases or disordersStruck by powered vehicle-nontransport, n.e.c.
An employee was bringing a car onto a flatbed tow truck using a winch system when the truck slipped from the winch and hit the employee on the left side of the body. The employee suffered fractured ribs and was hospitalized.
2017-04-01ProvidenceRhode IslandEast Side Service Center IncPelvisPedestrian struck by forward-moving vehicle on side of road
An employee was outside of his tow truck helping a customer with a tow in the breakdown lane when he was struck by a car, breaking his pelvis.
2017-02-07MinneapolisMinnesotaU.S. Postal Service Minnehaha StationHip(s)Fall on same level due to slipping
An employee slipped in the vehicle parking lot while walking to a tow truck and fractured the right femur.
2016-09-22PittsburghPennsylvaniaHunter Truck Sales and ServicePelvisPedestrian struck by vehicle backing up in nonroadway area
An employee was standing by his service vehicle in the parking lot area when a tow truck backed up and struck him. He was pinned between his service vehicle and the vehicle being towed, breaking his pelvis and requiring surgery.
2016-02-03ChicagoIllinoisAAA - The Auto Club GroupFinger(s), fingernail(s)Nonclassifiable
An employee suffered a left ring finger amputation when loading a damaged vehicle onto a tow truck.
2015-09-15LincolnNebraskaL.T.R Inc.Lower leg(s)Struck or run over by rolling powered vehicle
An employee was attempting to pull a vehicle onto a flatbed tow truck when it broke free from the tow chain and rolled over the employee's right leg.
2015-09-02CincinnatiOhioAAA Alied Group Inc. Thigh(s)Caught between rolling powered vehicle and other object
An employee's right femur broke when a vehicle he was lowering off of a tow truck rolled into him and pinned him against a wall.
2015-08-12GriffinGeorgiaExpress Employment PersonnelChest, except internal location of diseases or disordersStruck by dislodged flying object, particle
A tow truck hook broke off the tow truck and struck a passing employee on the side breaking ribs and bruising the shoulder.
2015-06-26LancasterTexas24 Hours Wrecker ServiceNonclassifiableRoadway collision-moving and standing vehicle on side of roadway
An employee was sitting in a parked tow truck at 3400 Hwy 75, Richardson, Texas, when another vehicle hit the tow truck from behind.
2015-05-15Chippewa FallsWisconsinDavid E. Wilkens, Inc.Fingertip(s)Struck by falling part of powered vehicle still attached
An employee was greasing the wheel lift on a tow truck when his hand slipped, causing the lift to fall and crush his left middle fingertip, which eventually had to be amputated.