DateCityStateEmployerBody PartEvent
2021-09-29CaldwellIdCenturyLinkHeel(s)Other fall to lower level 11 to 15 feet
An employee was working at mid-span between two telephone poles (that is, on a ladder set between the poles and designed to fit between them). The ladder slipped and the employee fell to the ground about 12 feet below, landing on his feet and shattering both heels.
2021-06-21PinevilleLaMcFarland Cascade/ Stella JonesFoot (feet)Struck by object falling from vehicle or machinery-other than vehicle part
An employee was guiding a tram cart that was holding telephone poles when a pole rolled off the tram onto the employee's left foot and crushed it.
2018-07-12MentoneTexasPowersecure Inc.Lower leg(s)Struck by object falling from vehicle or machinery-other than vehicle part
Employees were rolling telephone poles off a trailer. As a pole came off the truck, it landed on an employee's leg, breaking his tibia.
2018-06-26Fort PierceFloridaPrecast Specialties LLCFingertip(s)Caught in or compressed by equipment or objects, n.e.c.
An employee was placing dunnage between concrete telephone poles. A pole was lowered onto another pole by crane, and the tip of the employee's right index finger was crushed.
2015-05-04JustinTexasBridgeport Tank Trucks, LLCNonclassifiableVehicle struck object or animal on side of roadway
An employee driving a tanker truck veered off the road and hit a fence, two telephone poles, and a tree. His truck was empty and going to another lease to load up when the accident occurred.