DateCityStateEmployerBody PartEvent
2021-06-30ClearwaterFlDuncan Construction Corp.Multiple upper extremities locationsTrip over an object without fall
An employee was carrying a bucket of hot roofing tar. He was walking to the back of the building when the wind blew a tarp into his path and onto his feet. The employee stumbled and hot tar fell out of the bucket, landing on the employee's arms, from the elbows to the hands. The employee sustained third and fourth degree burns requiring surgery.
2018-06-04Cutler BayFloridaEddie B's Roofing Enterprises, LLC.Multiple body partsExplosion of pressure vessel, piping, or tire
An employee was walking behind a roofing tar kettle when the kettle door exploded, causing hot tar to contact and burn the employee's face, back, shoulder, and neck.