DateCityStateEmployerBody PartEvent
2021-11-07HazletonPaAmazon Fulfillment Center AVP1Fingertip(s)Struck by powered vehicle-nontransport
An employee was adjusting the forks on a forklift . He had lifted the forks with both hands at the front and rear of the forks; when he let go of the forks with his left hand, his right index finger was caught between the rear end of the forks and the lift mast. The fingertip was amputated.
2021-01-26GrantsvilleWvDiversified Production, LLCMultiple body partsJack-knifed or overturned, nonroadway
An employee was driving an ATV on a gas well access road. As the employee drove down a hill, the ATV's rear end slipped on leaves. The ATV slid into a rut in the road and flipped over, throwing off the employee. The employee struck the ground and suffered a broken collarbone and three broken ribs.
2020-08-05El PasoTxBrokers LogisticsAnkle(s)Compressed or pinched by shifting objects or equipment
An employee was standing on a dock when a dock plate shifted. The employee's right foot was caught between the curb stop and the rear end of a forklift. The employee suffered a degloving to the right ankle.
2019-03-22BrunswickGeorgiaBuchanan Hauling & RiggingChest, except internal location of diseases or disordersStruck by swinging part of powered vehicle
An employee was kneeling between the rear end of a crane load (an aircraft tug) and the crane's outriggers. While the back end of the tug was being lowered, it swung toward the employee, striking him and pinning him against an outrigger. He suffered a broken jaw, a collapsed lung, and broken ribs.
2018-08-27Fort RileyKansasFORT RILEY, U.S. ARMY GARRISONFingertip(s)Struck by swinging part of powered vehicle
An employee was loading the rear end of a garbage truck with cardboard. When activated, the rear loader smashed his fingers. The tips of his left middle and ring fingers were amputated.
2016-06-24South PlainfieldNew JerseyCanam Steel CorporationChest, except internal location of diseases or disordersOther fall to lower level
An employee was helping to load a trailer in the loading bay and was standing at the rear end of the trailer on the driver's side. He was using a piece of wood on the edge of the trailer bed to help locate the center and took a step forward. He then fell into the four-step stairway and fractured four ribs.
2015-08-06StoughtonWisconsinStoughton Trailers, LLCArm(s)Compressed or pinched by shifting objects or equipment
The employee caught his arm between two trailer rear end frames while attempting to stop one from moving. He suffered a laceration and was admitted to the hospital. The laceration required surgery and there is nerve damage.
2015-07-25Lake CharlesLouisianaJOHNSON BROS. CORPORATIONLeg(s)Roadway collision with other vehicle
An employee was aligning highway cones in the construction zone when his legs became pinned between a public driver's car and the rear end of the company's pickup truck, resulting in the amputation of his right leg and the possible amputation of his left leg.
2015-04-25LufkinTexasUSPSMultiple body partsRoadway collision-moving in same direction
An employee was delivering mail on a mail route. She was moving the postal truck to the next stop when she heard loud engines approaching her vehicle. The racing car was unable to stop before hitting the rear end of the postal vehicle. After impact, the postal vehicle traveled approximately 40 feet. The employee was hospitalized for broken ribs and a broken collar bone.